VirtualPipe: Visual Reporting and Critical Data Analysis

In order to take full advantage of the huge data set captured using theĀ LaserScan3D a robust reporting suite has been developed. Because the data gathered using the LaserScan3D is already digitized it can be correlated directly with Log data saving hours of data entry. This means Pipeline owners and operators can get the information needed quickly and make critical decisions with confidence.

1. Real Time Reporting

Field reports generated in minutes using precision laser data and based on your specifications.

2. ILI Correlations

Every feature from multiple ILI runs can be correlated with scan data giving you greater confidence in ILI results.

3. Statistical Analysis

Laser data provides a much larger sample set of more accurate values. The result is better statistical analysis.

Visual Analysis and Reporting

VirtualPIPE software leverages high resolution laser and in line inspection data to provide critical analysis and reporting. In addition to running basic safety reports such as Predicted Burst Pressure and RPR, VirtualPIPE enables highly accurate ILI correlations and statistical analysis while providing a visual output for increased clarity. With increased accuracy comes increased confidence and a much higher degree of certainty when making long range pipeline integrity management decisions. VirtualPIPE is foundational to our mission of enabling you make better decisions through better data!

VirtualPipe Utility Plot - Graded Depth vs Measured Depth

VirtualPipe Utility Plot - Graded Depth vs Measured Depth

Digitally Recreates Entire Pipe in 3D

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