Immediate RSTRENG: Integrity Investigations

We have been conducting integrity investigations for 50 years and can provide immediate RSTRENG along with all other fit for service calculations.

We have taken this ability to a new level with the LaserScan3D Pipeline Analysis System (PAS). By scanning the corrosion with the laser we are able to provide an “effective area” RSTRENG calculation in minutes. An Effective Area RSTRENG using the old grid approach introduces a higher potential for human error – but the really significant issue is the amount of time it takes to perform manually.  The LaserScan3D not only dramatically reduces the time required to capture mission critical data but significantly increases accuracy. With increased accuracy comes increased confidence that you are making the right call on repair decisions which could potentially save thousands on a dig program.

This image (produced using VirtualPIPE) visually demonstrates a cross section river bottom profile of the corroded area. It shows the amount of metal loss and the total size of the effected area. In this case the B31G safety factor is 1.44 while the Effective area calculation is 1.58 or approximately 10% better.



RSTRENG Results for Worst Case Scenerio

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