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LaserScan3D: Laser Technology developed by Pipeline Integrity Experts

The fastest, most accurate and effective way to measure external corrosion.

LaserScan3D can save hours and deliver much better data than any manual methods. Recent field trials prove it’s nearly 10 times faster than manual methods.

Help with regulators – Many companies are confronted with increased regulatory pressure and need to be able to demonstrate that they have done an effective job of evaluating their risk of a pipeline failure.  LaserScan3D can help meet the need by allowing you to gather more data in less time and present it in a way that is completely verifiable.  All scan data can be easily correlated back to the ILI log providing confirmation of tool validation.

LaserScan3D – proprietary laser profile scanner represents the state of the art in direct investigation technology.  LaserScan3D is able to capture a 3 dimensional 360 degree profile of any size pipe in minutes. Unlike our competition we use multiple cameras to acquire more data in the same time-frame and our apparatus ensures that the cameras are able to acquire laser data at the optimal distance from the pipe – delivering superb accuracy and unmatched scanning efficiency.

As more and more data is included for analysis a more complete picture of a pipe’s past, present and future state emerges. Statistical analysis becomes much more accurate and useful for developing pipeline integrity management programs.


Save time, Reduce costs.

With Scanning rates of more than five square feet per minute you can get full 360º scans up to ten times faster than is possible with manual methods. You’ll get effective area burst pressure calculations in the ditch while ILI correlations can be done in the office after the ditch is backfilled, saving hours on every dig.

Verifiable, Repeatable, Reliable.

The LaserScan3D maps the entire surface of the pipe at a resolution of over 7,800 points per square inch. This ensures that even the smallest features are captured and measured with the precision that only a laser can deliver.

Reduce risk - Increase confidence

By creating a digital version of your pipeline LaserScan3D enables a virtually unlimited array of reporting and analysis capabilities. ILI correlations are done with unprecedented accuracy making LaserScan3D the surest way to meet API 1163 requirements.


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