Integrity Investigations

Our job is to get the very best data possible enabling our clients to make the very best decisions. With over 50 years of experience in the field we have highly qualified, experienced personnel and support engineers who are committed to the goal of getting the best data possible on every investigation.

We offer coordinated services that leverage from our proprietary LaserScan3D profile scanner, combining corrosion monitoring and mitigation programs with GPS surveying to ensure the most accurate and reliable field results.

  • GPS surveying
  • Internal and External Corrosion Monitoring
  • Dig site Information including Photos and Video
  • Pipe specifications
  • Corrosion feature analysis (3D laser profile, dimensions, tracings, orientation, RSTRENG calculations, photos, etc.)
  • Repair Details
  • Specific SCC Information to populate CEPA or CAPP databases

The resulting data can be integrated with your existing database, presented in our customizable VirtualPipe database for you.

Our expertise:

Traditional NDE

  • Magnetic Particle Method
    • Techniques consisting of
      • Dry Powder
      • Color Contrast Black on White (Wet)
      • Wet Fluorescent
  • Ultrasonic Method
    • Techniques consisting of
      • Thickness Measurement
      • Laminar Scan
      • Internal & External Corrosion Mapping
      • Shearwave Examination


  • Pipeline anomaly site staking using GPS
  • As-built surveys
  • Facility tie-ins such as valves, risers, pig traps and anode beds
  • Residence ties
  • Deformation surveys
  • Control Survey

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