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Our mission is to provide Pipeline operators with Better Data, which in turn will enable them to make Better Decisions.


Founded in 1993, with experience in the field since 1957 we specialize in pipeline integrity.  We have the most advanced tools in the industry for collecting and analyzing Pipeline Integrity Data.

Driven by our philosophy of  “Better Decisions through Better Data”  and drawing on our vast experience in the field we have invested heavily over the last 7 years to develop and deploy the ProSCAN laser.  The ProSCAN is quickly becoming recognized as the most effective method for measuring external corrosion on metal pipelines.  As a pipeline owner or operator you need to make critical decisions based on the data we collect.  There isn’t a tool in the industry that delivers better data more quickly than the ProSCAN Laser.

Over the past number of years we have seen the evolution of pipeline integrity management from a reactionary process to a much more proactive approach with a focus on detailed analysis and effective long range planning.  Smartpipe is very well positioned for this new era of proactive pipeline integrity management.  With the development of our ProSCAN laser scanner we are able to capture the highly accurate data required for effective pipeline management.  Our sophisticated software suite “Virtualpipe” enables highly complex analysis of as found and ILI data which in turn enables much better decision making.


As pipeline integrity specialists we have CGSB/ASNT level II technicians with years of pipeline experience ready to go.  We understand the unique demands of pipeline digs and pride ourselves on our ability to gather all important data quickly in order to save time and money.  All of our crews leverage from the ProSCAN Laser which has been proven to acquire data at 4 or 5 times the speed of manual methods with a much higher degree of accuracy.

We use the state of the art tools to deliver unprecedented accuracy and detail. We have always been innovators constantly striving to deliver more accurate results, faster. We were one of the first companies to utilize GIS coordinates in our ILI correlations and we have expertise with all the traditional tools such as UT, MPI, MFL, Soil assessments etc.


LaserScan3D – After more than four years of Research and Development including two years of field testing we have just introduced our LaserScan3D profile scanner. The LaserScan3D represents the most effective way to efficiently capture and correlate as found pipe features.  Check out this video to see why!

VirtualPIPE – VirtualPIPE is our proprietary visual analysis and reporting suite. Developed in order to process the tremendous amount of data captured by the LaserScan3D. VirtualPIPE generates high resolution visual reports that can be viewed and manipulated to provide a clear picture of the true state of the pipe all of this information can easily be exported to virtually any pipe management software.

With Virtualpipe it is possible to run multiple RSTRENGs in minutes, isolate features based on predetermined interaction rules and overlay ILI data right onto the scanned data for incredibly precise ILI correlations.

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