LaserScan3D: Key Advantages for Pipeline Operators

Optimize your long term plan

More Pipeline operators are demanding high resolution laser data in order to do more complex analysis and ILI vendors are using laser data to improve the accuracy of their ILI tools.  You can be in a position to maximize the value of integrity digs as ILI vendors are beginning to use the laser data to enhance their ILI algorithms with some now upgrading their stated accuracy to be ±10 > 90% of the time while the industry standard is ±10 > 80%.  This analysis can even be done on historical ILI runs enhancing the value of all ILI tool data.

Get the advantage of having high resolution data to ensure that you can have industry leading integrity programs.  This will translate into bottom line savings and a risk profile that is the envy in the industry.

Get the Competitive Advantage!

River Bottom Analysis

Collect more data in less time

Free manpower for other projects  – With all of the work being done in the NDT world qualified technicians are in high demand and the good ones are hard to find.  The LaserScan3D is a terrific work horse that never complains, doesn’t get paid overtime and delivers consistent, verifiable and laser accurate results up to 1/10th of the time it takes for manual procedures. You can deliver better results for your client in less time at a lower cost which means to increased profit margins.

Enhanced Risk Management & Reporting

Immediate and highly detailed Pipeline integrity management is all about the management of risk, both known and unknown and often the biggest risk is the one that you aren’t aware of.  Laser scanning helps reduce the margin of error on known risks and provide a much greater likelihood of determining where unknown risks might exist. After all you have spent on ILI tools, doesn’t it make sense to capture a complete data set of the most accurate information possible in order to verify that the tool is detecting everything and identifying it accurately? In order to make the right decision in the ditch and have an effective integrity management plan you need the best data possible.  Laser Scanning can give you that data.

LaserScan3D can be programmed to calculate burst pressures using any approved formula including RSTRENG, B31G, Modified B31G, 0.85DL and deliver a report in the field in minutes.  This ensures that your crews won’t be the bottleneck on any dig site while everyone waits for an answer on what action to take.

Regulatory Compliance

Integrity Management Optimization – The pipeline industry is experiencing unprecedented pressure from regulators and the media to ensure the highest standards are maintained in the operation of pipelines. In order to meet this challenge the industry is moving to a greater reliance on technology and increasingly complex models in order to optimize integrity management planning. All of these models rely on good verification data from the ditch and the LaserSCAN3D is the most cost effective and reliable method available for providing this data.  Yesterdays methods will not be sufficient for today and tomorrow’s standards.

LaserScan3D enables you to collect high resolution data in less time than would ever be possible with manual methods.  This thorough process ensures that you will have a complete data set, the best possible data needed to meet even the strictest standards of compliance.  As more and more ILI vendors are using the highly accurate and verifiable laser data to refine their own algorithms the availability of laser data is becoming critical for the optimization of integrity management programs.  By collecting laser data on your current and upcoming dig programs you ensure your ability to meet even the most stringent standards now and in the future.  Now is the time to demonstrate your leadership.

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